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Introduction To BESIII Experiment

BEPCII/BESIII are a major upgrade of BEPCI/BESII at the BEPC accelerator for the studies of light and charm quarks physics and τ -charm physics with the highest accuracy achieved until now. The designed peak luminosity of the double-ring e+e. collider, BEPCII, is 1033cm-2s-1 at about 3.7 GeV.The BESIII detector with a geometrical acceptance of 93% of 4π, consists of the following main components :1) A drift chamber(MDC) equipped with 6796 signal wires and 21884 field wires arranged in a small cell configuration with 43 layers working in a gas mixture of He(40%) and... More


Precision measurement of Ds+→μ+ν at BESIII
The Beijing Spectrometer Experiment (BESIII) has recently reported the world’s best measurement of the leptonic decay Ds+→μ+ν by analyzing the data sample taken at the center-of-mass energy of...
BESIII Accumulates 10 Billion J/ψ Events
The BESIII detector finished accumulating a sample of 10 billion J/ψ events together with a continuum data sample on Feb. 11. The 10 billion J/ψ-event sample accumulated at BESIII is the world's...
Zc(3900) is on the top of the
Quarks come in twos and threes—or so nearly every experiment has told us. This summer, the BESIII Collaboration in China and the Belle Collaboration in Japan reported they had sorted through the...
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