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Introduction To BESIII Experiment

BEPCII/BESIII are a major upgrade of BEPCI/BESII at the BEPC accelerator for the studies of light and charm quarks physics and τ -charm physics with the highest accuracy achieved until now. The designed peak luminosity of the double-ring e+e. collider, BEPCII, is 1033cm-2s-1 at about 3.7 GeV.The BESIII detector with a geometrical acceptance of 93% of 4π, consists of the following main components :1) A drift chamber(MDC) equipped with 6796 signal wires and 21884 field wires arranged in a small cell configuration with 43 layers working in a gas mixture of He(40%) and... More


Precision measurement of Ds+→μ+ν at BESIII
The Beijing Spectrometer Experiment (BESIII) has recently reported the world’s best measurement of the leptonic decay Ds+→μ+ν by analyzing the data sample taken at the center-of-mass energy of...
BESIII Accumulates 10 Billion J/ψ Events
The BESIII detector finished accumulating a sample of 10 billion J/ψ events together with a continuum data sample on Feb. 11. The 10 billion J/ψ-event sample accumulated at BESIII is the world's...
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