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Muon Chamber

The BESIII muon counter is a gaseous detector based on Resistive Plate Chambers(RPCs). Its main manufactural material is one type of bakelite which was developed by BESIII muon group and GaoNengKeDi Technologies Co.Ltd. in Beijing since 2002. The muon detector consists of endcap(east and west) and barrel. There are 8 detecting layers in endcap and 9 in barrel, for each layer, it is made up of one superlayer, in which two RPC layers and one pickup strip layer are compacted as Sandwich. The total amount of RPC units is 978, and the yielding area is up to 1272m2. Its coverage of the solid angle is about 0.83(cosθ), and the width of readout strip is from 20mm to 39mm with 12mm intrinsic special resolution for all 9152 electronics channels. The gas mixture of Argon(50%), F134a(42%) and iso-butane(8%) is chosen.

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A new surface treatment for the prototype RPCs of the BESIII spectrometer
Cosmic Ray Test Station for BESIII RPC

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    Muon detector is the subsystem of BESIII that has been finished foremost, including R&D, manufacture and installation. In this process, a series of data filing and quality control have also been done for RPC production, module assemblage, performance test and quality checkout. All of the test data and analysis results have been recorded and saved to database, via which, people can query detector information for understanding and reference, and it provides convenience for detector maintenance. Welcome to access our database and give advice for further improvement.

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