QWG 2013
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, China
22 - 26 April 2013


1. Place and Date

The 9th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium 2013 will take place at IHEP, Beijing, P. R. China, from 22 - 26 April 2013.

All information can be accessed online through the web page:

The Workshop will be in Room A214 of the Main Building in the IHEP campus.

2. Wireless

Wireless access to the internet is available at the conference site.

Start web browser and try to visit any web, then you will be redirected to a registration page. Fill the registration form with Conference ID. You will be able to access the wireless network after the registration succeeded.

Necessary data for the registration:

Purpose to visit IHEP: QWG2012
Name of IHEP Contact Person: Jia Yinghua
Telephone of IHEP Contact Person: 88235892
Email of IHEP Contact Person: jiayh@ihep.ac.cn
Conference ID:

3. Lunch

The IHEP Expert Restaurant supplies buffet at lunch time every day with special price.

The participants can buy lunch coupon from LOC during on-site registration (50 Yuan per meal*5=250 Yuan).

The fee must be in Chinese RMB only.  Please note that the credit card payment cannot be accepted.

4. Social events

a) Reception (free for all the registrants)

Monday, April 22, 18:00-20:00: IHEP Expert Restaurant

b) Conveners and Liaisons dinner meeting

Tuesday, April 23, 18:00-20:00IHEP Expert Restaurant

c) Excursion

Wednesday, April 24, 13:30-17:00

Two options:

1) The Great Wall (Badaling)

Take bus at 13:30 in front of the Main Building to Badaling; arrive at the Great Wall in about one hour; will stay for around 2-3 hours; then return to hotels.

The fee for the excursion is 150 Yuan per person. Please pay at registration,passport number or ID card number is needed for buying insurance.

2) National Museum of China (east of Tian'anmen Square)

Take bus at 13:30 in front of the Main Building to the Natrional Museum of China, there will be no bus take you back to hotel. You may enjoy the other places around the Tian'anmen Square after the visit, such as Wangfujing, Xidan,Qianmen, and so on.

It is free. Please get registered to arrange the bus.

d) Banquet

Thursday, April 25, 18:30-20:30: Na Jia Xiao Guan ("That Restaurant")

Buses will take the participants to the restaurant after the afternoon session, and will take the participants back to hotel after the banquet.

The participants can buy tickets from LOC during on site registration (200 Yuan per person). The fee must be in Chinese RMB only.

It is a very good place, you are highly recommended to join.

5. Important events

On site registration: 14:00-18:00, April 21,
                            7:30-12:00, April 22, 2013
                            in front of A214 of the Main Building

Beginning of the meeting:  8:30, April 22, 2013

Workshop reception:        18:00, April 22, 2013

QWG conveners and liaisons meeting: 18:00, April 23, 2013

Excursion:              13:30, April 24, 2013

Banquet:               18:30-20:30, April 25, 2013

End of the meeting: 18:30, April 26, 2013


19B Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, BEIJING 100049, P. R. CHINA

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